In recent years, we have seen finance and information technology begin to integrate. Today’s accountant requires not only a financial education, but must also possess an understanding of the information systems that create the data. This trend of greater and greater data security has been driven primarily by governmental reform programs, such as Sarbanes-Oxley. These developments have expanded the role of the traditional accountant and refocused the profession back to accurate and ethical financial reporting, data integrity, and increased internal controls. Even companies not required to comply with new legislation must recognize the value of increased accountability. However, internal controls can only take you so far. It is the individual talent of your financial leaders that give the best companies that competitive advantage. SkillSource recognizes the increased need for competent financial professionals who must be an asset to your company in order for it to achieve long-term success. We understand today’s accounting environment and the type of skilled experience with tax/business law and the ever increasing knowledge of specific ERP based programs such a JD Edwards, Lawson, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Areas of specialty are:
• Accounting Managers
• Credit & Collection Managers
• General Ledger Managers
• Reporting Managers
• Corporate Compliance
• Certified Accountants CPAs*
• Tax Accountants*
• Cost Accountants*
• General Accountants*
• Forensic Accountants*
• Auditors*
• Bookkeepers*
• Budgeting Specialists*
• Payroll Specialists*
• A/R & A/P Specialists*
• Business Intelligence
• Financial Analysts
• Financial Systems Administrators*
• Fraud Examiners*

* identifies areas also available as temporary/contract placement

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